Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Message from Violet

It is a ten-hour drive from Kansas to Maryland. I made it in eight to get to Upper Chesapeake Medical Center to see my best friend.

You know. The one I left in your care.

Let me explain.

Around 11:00 last night, Celie's father saw her storm out of the house -- all attempts to stop her failed, and she ran.

From what I've been able to gather from (the still only semi-conscious) Celie, she ran from the house and made her way through Rocks, alone, until she came to a local playground and fishing hole called Friends Park. She then called out Practical Cat, who, after some time, revealed himself to her.

The two had some kind of verbal exchange, but she wouldn't say very much about it other than what is stated below.

Celie pulled her gun and fired off three shots before the Cat was able to disarm her. The defensive wounds on her wrists and one broken toe suggest that she put up a hell of a fight, but in the end, she was defeated.

Okay, that's an understatement.

And you all deserve to know the truth, because it's partially your fucking fault.

He beat the ever-loving hell out of her.

I don't think there's a single part of her body that isn't cut or bruised. Her shoulder was dislocated. The nurse here said that when they brought her in, she was covered head to toe in blood, most of it her own.

Would you like to know the best part?

Zeke, you especially listen up.

He marked her.

At some point, he got her onto her stomach, straddled her back, and carved that fucking symbol into the back of her neck. That little spot right where her two shoulders meet. The doctors say if he'd cut an eighth of an inch deeper, he could have hit her spine and killed her.

In fact, it was her screams at he cut her that alerted the people living nearby -- because they thought a fucking animal was being slaughtered.

And do you know what he said while he was doing it? I'll tell you, because she's been fucking repeating it in her sleep:

"You're mine. Why can't you understand? You don't belong to anybody but me. You're mine."

And now, dear readers, I want a fucking explanation.

I told you to look after her. I told you to keep your eye on her because she would try to convince you everything was okay.

Her brother tells me she's been chain smoking like a fiend. She's been drinking herself silly. She's been snapping at people out of turn and not leaving her room for days at a time except to go to work.

How did somebody not fucking notice this girl going in a downward spiral?!

Maybe I should've made it clearer to you: Celie will not seek help on her own. It's practically the fucking first rule of Celie.

And now none of it matters, because she's in the hospital, beaten and marked.

And yes, I do blame you. No, I do not give a shit if you disagree. Celie loves you guys more than anything. I do not share that affection.

And as for you, Ezekiel Fucking Strahm. What the hell was that last night? "Herp derp, I promised to do everything I could to protect this girl, lemme go right ahead and insult the fuck out of her, THAT'LL CALM HER DOWN!"

If you feel like you're to blame for this, Zeke, it's because you are.

I'll keep you guys updated on her condition. Just know that she's stable for now.

And know that they say the scar on her neck will never go away.


  1. Fuck. Fuck. FUCK.

    I TOLD her not to go out there, God damn it!


  2. It's not your fault Celie got hurt, Violet. You didn't abandon her; you did what you felt you had to do. It's not your fault she got hurt; it's a little her fault, and a lot Practical Cat's fault.

    Anywho, I'm assuming the police checked for evidence of Practical Cat? He's mortal; he's probably left DNA under Celie's fingernails, footprints in the park, fingerprints on her clothes.


  3. Zeke. Badarse of the people or not, I'm going to fucking strangle you.

    And you'd better fucking let me, dickwad.

    Violet. Is she going to make a full recovery? How long will it take? I agree with Ash, you can't get that close to someone, that physical with them and not leave anything behind.

    Slenderstuff or CSI shit. Either way, it's left behind.

    When Celie wakes up, could you get her to phone me? I don't care if you have to leave a note on her godamnned bedside table, get her to phone me.

    Damnit America, why must you be so far away.

  4. Zeke, I don't even want to hear from you right now. You told her not to go, sure. Where were you before then? Herp derping around basements and ignoring her -- and not just her, everyone that you claim matters to you.

    So unless you're telling me that you, physically, are coming down to actually keep an eye on her like I fucking asked you to do, you don't have any more right to say anything here.

    Ash, I don't know you, but it looks like you didn't read the last half of my post. I didn't say it was my fault. I said it was yours.

    And finally, Ava. I guess you're the only person I don't particularly blame, being that you and Celie have had a lot of contact issues recently and to be honest, you've had a lot of shit of your own going on.

    Now that I've had some time to collate data, I can tell you that yes, Celie is expected to make a full recovery. She'll have her arm in a sling for a while, and her toe is broken, and she's got a couple of cracked ribs, but otherwise, she'll be fine in time -- relatively speaking.

    As far as DNA tests, they did manage to pull some stuff that they think might be evidence, but here's what they don't tell you on CSI: those kinds of tests take months. Honestly, I'm not holding my breath for an answer, because the Cat has shown himself to be able to slip away before. What matters now is protecting Celie from further attacks.

    And Ava, it's odd that you should say that, because during her brief periods of consciousness, she's asked specifically for me to get into contact with you because she needed to talk to you about something. So the minute she's actually awake, I'll tell her to call.


  5. Looks like you're going to get your wish.

  6. Dear...............God

    Violet, I don't know what to say.

    I promised I would be there to take care of my friends, and I failed. I know I live a few states away, but I still should have done something.

    Then again, we didn't know what was going on. She never said anything to us about drinking a lot or chain smoking or anything. She knew how to hide it from us, to keep us from worrying. Maybe we should have tried to look deeper.

    I can't fail again, Violet.


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  8. Violet, yeah, I read the latter half, in which you complained that commenters on a blog didn't magically reach across states and nations to physically prevent your friend from doing something stupid, and instead did everything they *actually could* to warn her not to go.

    We did what we could, and you know it. I don't know about everyone else, but I'm not letting you project onto me.


  9. Stimulus accepted. Response: You cannot blame the organics for such a thing. Perhaps if she had died, yes.

  10. .....fuck.

    I just caught up, but I hope Celeste gets better soon....but this really does shock me....I was marked too...

  11. You know what Violet? Fuck You.
    It's not OUR falts Celeste decided to go and get herself hurt. It's not our falts she was nearly beaten to death.
    You want to blame somebody? Blame fucking Practical Cat and Mr. Tall, Dark, and faceless.
    Or you could also blame yourself.
    Where the fuck were you when she decided to go and get herself killed.
    I'll tell you where. Running like a coward.
    So don't fucking blame us.
    IT's not our falts.
    We tried to talk her out of it!!!!!
    And you know what you did? Fucking Nothing.

  12. Well, fuck, I check this thing in time to see Celeste got injured? Boy, life sure is sunshine and rainbows right now, ain't it?

    Look, let's just all take a deep breath even though this comment is several days late, and realize that everyone is looking for someone to blame. Violet is scared so she's blaming Zeke, Zeke is worried so he's blaming Celeste, Celeste is injured so I'm thinkin' there's not gonna be much blaming on her part, Ava wants to strangle cause' she's worried about all three of you, yadda yadda yadda.

    You don't really know me Violet, or Celeste for that matter, but you need to stop pointing fingers and man up to what's happened. She's gonna get better, be glad she's not dead. Scars are better than not breathing. Just be careful and be paranoid of anyone who comes around her. Not that, y'know, I'm sure you aren't doing so already, heh.

  13. No one needs to blame anyone else about this.

    But it helps when grasping the situation.

    You've clung to your lives for so long. And this is what you get? It's not fair.

  14. Yeah, I stopped reading at around this point.

    So whinny and useless >_>'

  15. Man, when I started reading this, I didn't expect Violet to turn out to be such a bitch. Why did she blame everyone but herself? What were these people supposed to do, magically stick their hand through the computer and pin her down? She's the one who ditched her friend after she begged her to stay. What a screwed-up thing to do. And Zeke was right. She didn't have nearly as much as experience with this kind of stuff as he did, and she shouldn't have acted like she did. She has read his blog. Whether she wants to admit it or not, he had it tougher than she did. Screw you, Violet.