Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day by Day

I'm sitting in Panera Bread and there's a guy in here who is very obviously crazy. He's holding his hand to his ear and talking to himself and rocking back and forth. You'd almost think he was on a Bluetooth, but he's not. He makes me wonder where Zeke is right now, and a few minutes ago I had a complete gigglefit because of the implication that crazy people inherently make me think of Zeke.

My moods seem to come by the day. Some days, I'm flighty and talkative and almost normal. Those are my good days. On bad days, my entire body just feels heavy. I feel like I have to try five times as hard to move, and I just want to go back to my room and curl up under my big blanket. I can usually tell what kind of day it will be within the first hour after I've woken up.

Luckily, today is a good day. I just dropped off my grandmother for her dialysis (she doesn't want to drive with the snow on the way) and I've got my laptop and some French onion soup, my early lunch since later I have to go and do a story with Craig.

In other news, Detective Goldman and I finally got around to some basic self-defense lessons. My initial reaction: Oh god I am so sore why is this so goddamn hard. Feel free to quote me on that, internet. I don't know what he's a blackbelt in, but whatever it is, I'm not very good at it, at all. I told him that Desmond had once taught me some Marine techniques, but I wasn't very good at them, either. He said he fully believed me. We spent four hours on Sunday going over forms, and the only thing I've managed to actually learn so far is that I'm not nearly as flexible as I should be. Detective Goldman told me to make sure I stretch every night, and he taught me specific ones to do. And yes, even the stretches are goddamn difficult.

In other other news (see what I did thar?), I've been spending a little bit of time on Internet-2. I can't get to it on my laptop (yet!), but I went to the library, and they had access. When I told the librarian that I was looking up information about Miskatonic, she smiled and said, "Yeah, that's what most people who ask about it are looking for." So, I spent about an hour poking around their site, and the more I looked, the more excited I got. God, no wonder it's my dream school. I remember when I went to their Open House about a year ago. I got a T-shirt.

MiskU still uses snail mail for their applications, so yesterday I stopped by the library and put in a request for them to send me one. It should be here in a couple of days.

Until then, I suppose I should just be thankful that today is a good day. Of course, the main downside to good days is that they're usually followed by some awful thing happening, so I've gotten a little bit paranoid about them.

Like the guy that's sitting across the restaurant and keeps looking at me. He's a younger guy, early twenties, maybe. He's got black hair and big brown eyes and is vaguely Italian-looking (is that racist?). He's wearing a black jumper-sweater and jeans and keeps looking at me while he's stirring his soda. I don't like him. He makes me think of Practical Cat the way that the crazy guy makes me think of Zeke. Then again, maybe he's just trying to be flirtatious.

Well, sorry, but noski, broski. I've kind of got a full plate at the moment. So stop staring, or I swear I'll take out your eye with one of the awesome martial arts techniques I didn't learn.

Oh, look, a joke. Like I said, it's a good day.


  1. As long as you can find some humor that is a good thing. By the way...that's what she said.

  2. Ohmygosh. I was gonna say it, but then I didn't know if it would be appropriate/if anyone else saw it.
    I just made a stupid giggling sound.

    Martial arts...they take some getting used to. You'll learn!