Saturday, September 3, 2011

Moving Up to MiskU Today

I'm making this post from my phone in the car, so it'll have to be pretty brief.

Firstly, the Gray Haven will be left in Violet's care for the time being. I'll still be in touch with her every day.

Second, something happened last week that I can't remember. Zeke has left and he won't tell me what it was, but Vi says they all thought I was going to die.

She tried to convince me to stay, but I don't care if I have the Black Plague; I feel fine now, and I'm going to college just like I goddamn planned.


  1. Just watch your back and listen to your gut while you're there. Last thing you want is for things to go to hell unexpectedly.

  2. Wish you luck, hopefully you won't need it...

  3. Hope you make it to Miskatonic alright. There's lots of good people there.

  4. Glad you're safe.
    Hope everything goes well. Good luck in college.

  5. good luck sweetheart.