Monday, October 25, 2010

Simple Report #1

I know I said on the Twitter that I'd post either Friday or Saturday, but stuff came up and I had to work. Also, there's the matter of editing up the video I took.

When I say editing the video, I don't mean I'm doctoring up everything to look like a tech-savvy douchebag. See, when I made a bit of an introduction on my little Flip camera, the batteries died in the middle of it. Then we went over to Violet's friend's dorm, and we ended up having a really long talk about how we're coping. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately, since most of the other stuff is really boring), when I set my camera down on the table, my hand hit the little button. With the fresh batteries I'd just put in, my trusty handicam recorded over twenty minutes of us just talking before Vi noticed the light was on. Some of the stuff on there is really too personal to just post for all to see, but some of it is okay to show so I'm just cutting out bits that Vi would kill me for posting.

She's doing so well with this. Really, I'm pretty sure I'd be an utter trainwreck if it weren't for the fact that she has such a brave face. Also, the fact that we're able to make jokes about it is really helping both of us. Riley is worrying himself to death, of course -- Vi even says in the video that she has to call him every night or else -- but I don't blame him one bit, because I'm worried too. I'm so scared for her.

In the meantime...I don't even know how I feel. The other day after work, I sat in the Wawa parking lot for an hour and a half, smoking "just one more post-shift cigarette" after another, and another. At the time, I thought I was just being lazy and not wanting to make the forty-minute drive back home, but now I'm not so sure.

Was I waiting for him to show up? It certainly feels like it now.

Craig has taken me off the missing kids story because it's been two weeks without a single update, which means I'm back on the journalism scene again. He was scared to give me anything else because of what I'd been through, but didn't want to take me off the story, I think because he thought it'd be awkward or something. In his defense, I probably would've taken offense and ranted about how I could do my job professionally...a rant which would have undoubtedly proven my unprofessionalism.

Anyway, now he's made a habit of giving me only fluffy stories about breast cancer walks and Halloween attractions. Well, I guess it's better than nothing.

That video should be up within the week if I figure out how to use my stupid editing software. In the meantime, I'll try to keep you guys updated as best as I can, although I might not have too much to say. I'll title these little updatey posts with "Simple Report" so you know nothing bad has happened.

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  1. Most video editing software bugs the fuck out of me. A coworker of mine tried to get me to help him with a video project once and I could not fucking figure out the software he had.

    So I only had an acting role and he hasn't spoken with me much the last few months.

    My coworkers are dicks.