Tuesday, November 16, 2010


It was still raining and foggy as hell when the hospital released Violet at around ten this morning. She sat in silence the entire way back to MICA (I drove). I could tell she was trying to keep a stoic, brave face, and she would have succeeded, had not the occasional little cough given her away.

She said she's done some thinking, and then warned me in advance that I wouldn't like what she was going to say.

She was right.

Violet explained to me that while she was in the hospital, at first she felt rather helpless, being confined to a bed as she was. Eventually, she realized that she'd been feeling that way ever since her ordeal started. She said that her parents, aging hippies they are, wouldn't have a problem with her borrowing the car and some money from her savings for a few weeks, maybe months. Lots of art students take time off, and she'd be leaving after finals.

She was halfway through saying it would only be for a semester when I realized that she was talking about going on the run. I started to argue, and naturally she argued back, saying that I objected only because I didn't want her so far away. And that's true, but there are so many more reasons that she needs to stick around.

Like the fact that her boyfriend can barely stand being an hour's drive away. Or the fact that if she gets stuck in a bad area, it won't be the Slender Man she'll have to worry about; it'll be rapists, drug dealers, and gangs. Or the question of how she'll explain this to her parents and all of our friends who are already worried sick about her. Vi's never been off the east coast -- what will she say? That her artistic tendencies forbid her from staying in her home state? That her near-death experience gave her a sudden craving to see the Pacific? She says that the plains are a better place because he likes forests (and in Maryland, it's nothing but forests). Okay, but what about the three hundred miles or so of pure Appalachian woodland before you even get to the Mississippi?

She accused me of being selfish and just wanting her here so that I can keep her on a tight leash. I'm selfish, I'll give her that. One look at this blog and anyone can see that I've been busy bitching and whining when it's my friends who are suffering.

But I don't care about me right now. I care about Violet. No amount of rhetoric or accusation can change the fact that this is a bad fucking idea.


  1. Running should only be as a last resort. Even if she doesn't have a choice, it's slim chances she'd make it long, unless she's built for that sort of adventure. Following M's rules will only get her so far, and you guys being out in the middle of nowhere only makes it worse.

    I know she's scared, but running off now, especially in her condition, is only going to get her killed a whole lot faster.


    God...as much as I hate to think about it in those terms -- that is, the fact that her actions may actually get her killed -- it's good to see that somebody is thinking clearly.

    Which is weird, because...well, no offense, brother, but thinking clearly isn't exactly what you've been known for lately.

    But thanks for giving a little insight. Maybe your backup will help Vi grasp the gravity of what's going on and realize that it's her life at stake here.

  3. On a not-so-nice-note: I must say this blog amuses me a bit.. But, I suppose that is because other people's suffering reminds me that I am not the only one who has suffered. I am not alone and neither are you.

    On a nice note: Well, I am not sure whether this could be considered "nice."... Neutral, I suppose.. On one end of the spectrum, running from Him can be a good thing because you have a chance.. But many have fallen to him while travelling. I believe it was Logan who crashed on the motorcycle? Or was it his friend? Mm..

    Either way, I think that it would be safest to somehow keep Violet there. She is in a somewhat-panicked state and she may not be able to handle any surprises that may come up while out on her own. Also, there is power in numbers, usually.

    Giving advice.. I have not done that in a long time.

  4. Tell her I said, "I'm an FBI-wanted felon with the government and their ten-armed faceless lapdog trying to find me. What's your excuse?"

    I thought you were supposed to be a dead man, Ulryc...

  5. No, no, dear Zeke, I am far from dead, I can assure you. I may be a pretty rich boy, but I also have intelligence and willpower.