Friday, November 19, 2010

Search, Day 1

Today was Day One with the search parties in Rocks State Park. In our group was Sheriff Thomson, Detective Michael Goldman, Craig, Lindsay and Kenny (two other freelancers), Allie, and myself. We all met at the ranger station at around 7:30 this morning, as the sun was coming up, and we spent the first half hour or so listening to Sheriff Thomson go over the rules. They were basic stuff: no wandering off alone, no heroics, and no staying out after dark. The plan was to all meet back at the ranger station at nightfall.

Honestly, I don't really have anything to report for today. We trudged around Rocks for the entire day in our groups. Eventually our group split into two again (although we were always within sight of each other), with Detective Goldman, Allie, and myself in one group and Sheriff Thomson, Craig, Kenny and Lindsay in the other.

I'd never really spoken to Detective Goldman before today, although I'd seen him around the station a lot. As it turns out, he was very nice, and infinitely patient with Allie and me whenever we tripped or had to slow down because of uneven footing. He had no problem with the terrain; he was a volunteer park ranger in his youth (although "youth" is a relative term, since he can't be more than twenty-six or twenty-seven), and he rock-climbs as a hobby. Most of this was learned through small talk either while we were out walking or later on.

Like I said, nothing was found today -- at least, nothing of consequence. At twilight, everyone met back at the ranger station for a head count, and after everyone was accounted for, we all left. Our group decided to stop at Lucia's, the restaurant down the road from me, for some coffee and something hot to eat -- today may have been clear, but it was bitter cold. After we finished up there, Allie and I went back to her place and talked for a while.

As I think I said once, Allie is one of those amazing friends that I don't really mention because I'm a bad person. In fact, she's one of the few outside friends who actually reads this blog (hi sweetie, by the way). She knows all about what's going on, what happened. We didn't mention it when we were out today; how could we? We'd be committed, or called liars.

We'll be going out again tomorrow. I'll be sure to keep alert, and try to keep myself and everybody else safe. It was good to read the comments on the last post; I don't think you guys even know how much your support means.

I'll be giving another full report tomorrow. Wish me luck.

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