Tuesday, December 21, 2010


You know what tomorrow/today is, internet? My birthday. As of a half an hour ago, I'm nineteen.

And you know what my first present has been?

Violet and I haven't seen him even once over the weekend, and we spent most of our time together. She's laughing again. She said that she and Riley made up, for the most part.

At the risk of jinxing it...well, I just have a good feeling. Like something big is going to happen. Not bad big, but good big. Maybe now that Violet and I (after a bit of celebrating -- it is Christmas and my birthday this week, after all) are getting down to business, we'll start getting more pieces of the puzzle.

I'll discuss comments on my last post at a later time. For now...well, I think I speak for both Violet and myself when I say: We're enjoying the little things. Like peach schnapps, clove cigarettes and turning nineteen.


  1. Happy birthday. You enjoy those schnapps.

  2. Happy Birthday! Clove cigarettes? Sounds festive!

  3. Happy Birthday :p And I hope you're right about the good big and not the bad big.

  4. Inb4 Slender rape.

    But, yeah, happy birthday!

  5. Gotta love Rule #32. :D Happy birthday!

  6. Oh, and Danny wishes you a happy birthday as well.

  7. Sorry for the late happy birthday? I think I'm late anyways lol.

  8. Would be good to know if you had a good birthday or not. Starting to get worried

  9. Happy Belated Birthday, Cele.

    And Merry Christmas.

    Nice to finally make your acquaintance.

    I'm Jeff.
    All around nice guy.
    And a former Hallowed.

    Don't worry about old Slendy.
    That bastards down for a while.


  10. Sorry for not giving a follow-up, guys. I should really start giving more frequent status updates.

    I had a really fantastic birthday. Violet, Allie, a few more friends and I went to a local teahouse to celebrate. The tea was wonderful, the food was good, and the conversation fabulous. Violet looks more rested now, much better than when I saw her those weeks ago in the hospital -- I suppose that makes sense either way, though. She looks less nervous, too. More secure. Although I still catch her scanning the horizon every now and again.

    And Jeff...No offense, brother, but I'm skeptical of anything said by anyone who claims to be Hallowed, formerly or no -- it's nothing personal, I promise -- but I suppose it does make sense, since we haven't seen him in some time. I haven't kept track of efforts lately; did someone take him out, or slow him down? How did they do it? And most importantly: is it possible to do it again?

  11. Oh my, I missed your birthday? That will not do at all, no no. I hope you had a great birthday, Celeste, and Happy Belated Birthday.

    Many hugs and kisses and all that good stuff.

  12. Apparently, Zero and those Black Op whatever-the-hell-they-were guys took care of him. Zero died in the process. This was...last night, two nights ago.

    I don't know if it's possible a second time, unless Nightcrawler decides to stop filming the next X-Men movie to blow him into oblivion again. They say he was just stopped for the time being.

    I don't know if I buy it. All I know is, a good guy is dead and I just hope there was a purpose for it.

  13. I just read the report. Jesus...

    I wonder if they really did it. Even if they just got him away for a short while...that's a hell of a thing. I just...I don't even have words. I never even considered a physical assault, honestly. Those fighters were braver than I could ever hope to be.

    Rest in peace, Zero, and the rest who fell that night. You've earned it. You live on in those who still fight. Godspeed.

  14. They will, Cele.

    Zero was my friend.
    He helped save a lot of Hallowed that night.

    He gave his life to save a lot of people and stop that thing.

    And he'll be remembered.

    We'll fight for him, and with him in spirit.