Thursday, December 16, 2010

End of Semester

Today, we had our first big snow. Naturally, I had to be out on assignment when it got into full swing, so I got to navigate my poor Jeep through idiots in traffic and up my unplowed road and driveway (I hate living in the middle of nowhere. So much, and in so many ways.).

But that's not the real news. The real news is that the semester at MICA ends tomorrow, and Violet is coming home. I guess that's when we'll find out her choice as to whether to leave or not, although she has promised me that she'll stay at least until Christmas either way. I'm reasonably assured that she's staying; if she wasn't, she would've told Riley, and he would've told me. I think. I hope.

And I haven't seen him since my last post. I just thought I'd let inquiring minds know, I suppose.

In other news, it's happened again that a few comments caught my eye this time around, and I'd like to give my input.

First things first: Anon suggested that I may have become perceptive enough to see him without him being after me. Then Baibre said that I could be the Witness that was referenced in Rose's ramblings and her note. The second Anon seemed also willing to support this theory.

The idea that I'm the Witness...well, honestly, it seems like a plausible theory, but I'm not going to buy into it just yet. It's fully possible that there's a side of this we're not seeing yet. I may be a journalist, but I hate the idea that I have to watch from the outside and I'm helpless to do anything. But...well, as you'll see below, it's a lot easier to swallow than the alternative.

Zeke...I know, I know, I know exactly how abnormal this is for him. I've read your experience, I've read half a dozen others. I've never read a single thing about him ever just leaving someone alone when that someone could see him. I don't understand. I hate it. There is no definitive reference; there are only accounts of what's happened to people, and everybody has a different story. Every time somebody thinks they've scored a goal, he changes the game. Maybe this is just another trick he's always had up his sleeve.

Which brings me to Neena and Kite. Like you said, maybe he is just toying with me. It wouldn't be the first time he's played mind games.

As for what you two suggest about working for Just no. I refuse to consider it. I can't. I just...I wouldn't be able to handle it. I'll keep it as an explanation of last resort, but...Yeah, no.

So, readers, there you are. Today's post was short, and I apologize, but odds are that with Violet here, longer posts are bound to show up. Tomorrow I'm going Christmas shopping with Nikki and Milo; hopefully, it'll be almost normal.


  1. So reading your blog has renewed my interest in the man of slender. I notice a lot of people say he is known in old Germanic folklore as the Black Fairy or something like that. I've been doing research for my own theories on him and his motives for killing and I came across a site on fairylore.

    Apparently there is a tale from Germany's Black Forest that says one day a man covered in fire flew onto the top of a church steeple from the trees. When the townspeople went to stone him, he flew away, never to be seen again. The townspeople called this man the Fire Elf.

    Thought you might find it interesting since he has been associated with fire and Germanic lore and the fae and all that stuffs.

  2. I may not be in the quite right sate of mind all things considered, but I'm not convinced "The Witness" is necessarily a passive role.

    You're very right though. we don't have all of the facts. But it may be too late by that point.

    "The Witness will bring them together"

    we need to figure out the "Them" in the equation.

    But now is not the time for such things. The holidays are coming fast. Try to relax and have fun. All work and no play, as they say.

  3. I've always felt the idea that he has humans working for him is, well, really really dumb.

    Do you know ANYTHING about him? He's a monster, people.

    Sure, I can see people wanting to work for him or worship him or some nonsense like that, but I seriously doubt they are actually doing so. Any human that seemingly walks alongside him is probably just insane.

    So don't worry about being forced to join him, I don't think it's true. And you're too smart to turn insane. :)

    My semester ends tomorrow as well. I hope your Christmas is pleasant and Slendy-free.

  4. Hmhm, if this was a short post, I would hate to see a long one..

    Try not to think about Him too much. It is Christmas, a time for joy, a time for cheer, a time for acting as nonsensical as you wish. Merry Christmas, Celeste.

  5. Shannon - They don't have to want to work for him. A bunch of Slendertales I've read suggest he possesses, if not actual mind control, then definitely a form of hypnosis.

    I'm rooting for you Celie, remember, when things get tough SOWISA. :p (I don't know if you read Stephen King, but if you do you might get it.)

  6. I've followed your story for a long while now Celeste, and I have decided to chime in - for what its worth. Currently it feels very much like the calm before the storm. Unfortunately the Slenderman doesn't relent and whilst it may be hard to come to terms with, eventually either you and your friends will have to face him or... well, it won't be pretty.

    I do not mean the above paragraph to sound callous or cold, just honest, you have to steel yourself for what is in store. Slenderman may not have picked you out yet, but he has his eye on Vi, you will have to protect her and employ all your guile if you want to win this. You have mentioned (and made, I daresay) a number of good friends on these pages, and you may need all the help you can get.

    I watch with great anticipation and hope for your next encounter. Good luck.


  7. Finally got around to catching up on this, I didn't ever say to work for him but it's possible that you might have been hallowed at one point or another.. He works in weird ways with your memories, bleh, theories though, ignore me yet again.

    But if you are the pawn in this case anything is possible.