Friday, December 10, 2010

Have I got News for You Guys.

I saw him. Today.

Before you panic and reach for the nearest weapon (looking at you, Zeke), let me explain. You guys will shit when you hear this.

He wasn't looking at me.

I was working at Wawa today (gotta make money for Christmas shopping, which, despite my normal dislike of it, is proving to be a comfortingly normal experience) when it happened. Around noon, I started feeling it again -- the same feeling I described to you guys before, the one from my dreams. The feeling like things had just plummeted right into the Uncanny Valley. I looked around the store, and then out at the fuel court.

He was standing just off the parking lot on the right hand side of the property, on the grass next to a tree. I saw him at a sort of three-quarter view, which is how I knew he wasn't focused on me. He was looking at a dark green SUV parked at pump four. My heart started to race. Squinting a little, I could make out the silhouettes of two kids in the backseat, play-fighting with each other. I felt like I was going to be sick.

I didn't know what to do. Should I help them? Even if I tried, could I? I was thirty seconds into weighing my options when he vanished. He disappeared, just like he did that fateful night.

The feeling stopped, but the nausea and the feeling like I was on the verge of bursting into tears certainly stuck around. I made an excuse to my manager ("I think I'm getting a cold, I probably shouldn't be up at register, I'll freak out the customers") and had him move me to coffee, all the way at the back of the store. Before I went back, I turned to Jordan, one of the girls who works with me.

"Did you see that?" I asked her.

"See what?" she said. "You staring like a loony and ignoring the lady at your register? Yeah."

She laughed. I didn't.

"No, you didn't see over there?" I pointed at the place he'd been standing.

"I see a tree over there." She shrugged and laughed again. I think she was humoring me.

I think I speak for all parties involved when I say:

What the royal fuck is going on with me?

I've read accounts of Slender Man. I researched this like only journalists know how to research. I've gotten as much information as I can stand. He watches his victims for weeks -- possibly months. He goes after kids. He shows up on camera, but other than that, he's invisible to normals.

Let me say that again, a little clearer: only his victims should be able to see him.

Does that mean he's coming after me? Does it mean I need to start watching my every move more closely? I'm hypervigilant as is -- I've caught myself checking for exits whenever I enter a room. When I got home today, I closed my curtains, curled up under my bed, and clutched my rosary. I stayed like that for hours.

Even if he will eventually come after me, should I have seen him going after somebody else? Violet hadn't seen him before he took Rose. If I just knew what this meant, I wouldn't be so freaked out. I'm calling Violet.

And I'll be keeping my eye out from now on.


  1. It is possible, though I am not sure, that you've become perceptive enough to be able to see him even though he's not after you. Maybe it's because you've already seen him once, maybe it's because you've researched him so much. I honestly have no clue.

  2. It just hit me! Rose's note! You're the Witness!

    I was typing up a long winded reply about how you always seem to be a witness and never a participant and then I thought of what your niece said. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks.

    He's not coming after you because you're *supposed* to see everything! I don't know why or what it entails but I'm sure of it now.

    Be careful.

  3. What the...

    I've only read one other account of someone seeing him when he wasn't looking for them, but the kid's story is severely in question. This is just bizarre.

    Thing is, though, he's never gone after YOU specifically.Every time he's shown up has been after someone else. I don't know, this is just unlike him.

    Just be careful.

  4. I kind of agree with Baibre's theory. I guess you can say it makes sense. Plus he did say to your niece he wanted to be your friend.

  5. Maybe his toying with you.. He wants you to see him, maybe not right now, but sooner or later, his going to take notice of you..

    I'm not sure if I said this before but with the letters in your hand writing and your side of the bed slashed, It's possible that... Ah, never mind, It's a stupid theory, ignore me xP.

  6. This is just me going out on an unsafe limb here, but what if you subconsciously work for him?