Saturday, September 11, 2010

"According to Him" and Other Drunken Ramblings

You know what pisses me off, nonexistent readers? Songs that pretend to be about strong women, but aren't. Like a song I recently discovered which I believe is entitled "According to Him."

The hook is simple enough: "According to you, I'm (negative adjectives), but according to him, I'm (slew of positive adjectives)." The idea is that the woman in question is a lot more confident when she's with this new guy rather than her ex, because the new guy is not a raging douchebag.

But what is she didn't have that shiny new boyfriend?

It's implied that were it not for this new, self-esteem-building beau, the speaker would still consider herself the same worthless, psycho slutbag that he ex made her feel like. So it's not a song about a strong woman at all. In fact, it's not very reassuring in any way. It's a song about how one woman has let her opinion of herself be defined for her by at least three men -- her ex, her new non-douche boyfriend, and the daddy with whom she inevitably has issues.

Even Pink has become sappy and desperate these days. What happened to strong women in the media?

I get it: it's hard to be a strong woman. Either you become bitchified or neutered, and who wants to be either? But with fewer and fewer boys choosing to step the hell up and become men, somebody's gotta take care of shit.

Take Rose's dad, for instance. He's there, but he can't seem to bring himself to even notice conflict, let alone deal with it. I don't think he even noticed how strangely she was acting. So it's up to me and Vi -- two members of the alleged "weaker sex!" -- to take care of her.

I finally found out what's wrong with her. She's being followed by some damn guy. When I asked her about it, her drunk ass started getting scared and she shook her head just like she was a little girl, muttering something about "him." I thought he was a psycho ex, but when I asked her his name, she said she didn't know if he even had one. I asked him what this mystery stalker looks like, and she could only give me general things -- he was tall, always in a business suit. I don't think she wants me to know any more than that; maybe she's afraid I'll do something rash.

But there's nothing rash about it. If this tall businessy bastard tries anything cute, and Vi and I will cut him up ten ways from Sunday. And before you ask: no, it's not the fuzzy navel talking...although it had its say a little while ago, up there...with the raging douchebag-talk.

Meh. I'm going to bed.

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