Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Of Journalism & PBT

Today, I went to a press conference for an article I’m writing. Nothing huge, just a ribbon-cutting for an elementary school roof, but I swear, every important person in the county was there. I got to meet the county executive and his chief of staff, the superintendent of schools, a rep from the US Department of Energy, and the manager of communications on the school board – who, by the way, is the nicest lady ever. Should be a fantastic article once I finish it. Now I'm sitting in Panera Bread, chilling with a bowl of French onion soup (yum!) and my laptop. This is about as metropolitan as I can get way up here in the boonies.

In other news, I called up Rose on my way from the school to Panera (using my shiny little Bluetooth; how did I ever live without that thing?), and she listened to me ramble on about how cool it was to meet important people, but she seemed a little distracted. She sounded like she did when her dad was in the room watching her, but she said that she was home alone (yeah, we both still live at home. Poor college students and all that. :P). She hates being watched when she does personal stuff like talk on the phone. Maybe she’d just watched a scary movie or something; she tried to hide it, but I think she was really freaked.

I didn’t say anything earlier, but I think I’ll talk to her later tonight. Hopefully she just stumbled across some creepypasta online and got (you guessed it) creeped out. I’m going over to her place for a little PBT (Pizza, Booze, Telly), so I’ll ask her then.

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