Saturday, September 11, 2010

Good Morning, Internet!

Good morning, nonexistent readers! I'm so glad I'm not the sort of person who gets hangovers, although from what I hear, I'll start getting them when I'm older.

Last night was really good for me, and so was this morning. Waking up snuggled all warm next to Rose (we’re both chronic sleep-cuddlers), it’s so much easier to remember that the world isn’t absolutely full of monsters. There are good people too, kind people. Not all humans are bastards.

Which leads me to the point that a lot of humans still are. Since I’m working with the police on this story, I can talk to them about maybe tailing Rose and finding out who exactly is following her, what his problem is, and how we can get him to stop. I didn’t ask again while I was there; it made her so upset last night that I don’t think I could’ve gotten much more out of her anyway.

I just got home from her place, and soon Nikki, Milo and I will be heading down to our mom’s, and then to my older brother Desmond's place to see him and his family. Desmond is a good sixteen years my senior, a former Marine (oh, if he could only see me type that—I can practically hear his voice: “There’s no such thing as a former Marine! Grumblegrumble…”), and a father of three and stepfather of one. His wife, Melanie, is a refreshingly normal individual, and both of them are good Protestants; I’m not a hundred percent on which denomination, but I know he found it after she introduced him to it and converted. Ma remains a reluctant Catholic (we’ll get to that later, if I get round to it).

It’s always a bunch of fun when we all get together, especially Desmond and me. As Mel so eloquently put it last time, when Nikki brought her boyfriend down to visit with us, “Celie’s always right, and Des is never wrong. Just don’t bring up politics or religion, or we’ll have to put them both in time-out.”

True story. She actually did it once, last Thanksgiving. And I’ve learned to never try to “call her bluff” to boot me out of the car when I’m being cheeky. Bad idea.

Anyway, we’re heading out now. I’ll log on and put up a quick post once we get down to their place in Virginia and all settled in. Wish me luck, and I’ll see you in the South.

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